FT – Pleasure Scapes by Barbara Knežević at the RHA which was whopper & Ann Maria Healy’s Hynagogia at the lab which was v fucking cool even though I didn’t get it at all – still obsessed with the big papier mache eggs and frilly bits. 💎🗿💥🥚🪨🔮

✨BTS, the backlogs✨ – 2021 Muine Bheag

the first real BC projie was a commission by Muine Bheag Arts festival, summer 2021. They got in touch via insta and we had our first big boy artist zoom meeting. All freaked to bits obviously.

We hadn’t really made anything together yet. other than mountains of diy, so i think we weren’t 100% sure what our working style would be yet

After our meeting we sat in the sun and had a little can and a chat – Muine Bheag gang -who are such dreamboats- basically said go off and make what u want – we were all on the same page – something big and sexy and and most likely a shrine.

After some drawings it came together pretty fast 🌸 🌼 🌻

1800 Bog Cot – Commissioned by Muine Bheag arts 2021